A bedroom is a place where we want to feel at ease when waking in the morning and relaxing at night.

Bedroom Design


Interior design is important so that you can blend your bedroom decorating ideas with bedroom themes, color and texture, fabrics, furnishings and artwork to create a desired atmosphere for your relaxing, sleep and waking needs.

The Master Bedroom is usually the largest bedroom in the house, and provides more amenities than the other bedrooms. Amenities include a bathroom only accessible from that room, a dressing area, and a well appointed closet.

As interior designers we would want to create a haven of warmth, comfort and privacy and consider the many uses in addition to sleeping. Good bedroom design must consider if one needs; somewhere to watch television, eat breakfast, talk on the phone, read a book, or use a computer.

We begin with a scaled layout in a floor plan. We can then determine the pieces of furniture needed apart from the bed itself. This can include a dresser, bedside tables, chairs or sofas, a desk or a table, exercise area, and television location. These pieces take on a life of their own…each playing both a practical and visual role. But in the end warmth, comfort and privacy are created through choice of colors, furnishings, lighting, and accessories to create mood.

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