Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you

Planning and designing a room can be a daunting, even scary, process… especially if this is your first time.

Rather than being afraid of the unknown, find excitement and experience the surprise in creating a real change in your home….and your life. Working with an experienced interior designer will guide you through every step, selection, and decision that will need to be made. The designer has the ability to see space not as it is, but as it can be….helping you articulate and achieve the vision you hold in your head. The resulting confidence, satisfaction and feeling of well-being that you will experience living in a beautifully designed home cannot be measured.

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Why do you think you need to hire an interior designer? There are many reasons when it makes sense to do so. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How we feel in our home cannot be overstated, Our home should be uniquely suited and designed for us, housing our personal collections and representing who we are and what we love.
  • Do you lack confidence in your ability to do the project yourself?

GOOD DESIGN MATTERS. Your home should welcome, inspire and refresh. We see and conceptualize the big picture while developing an appropriate scheme to suit your lifestyle and budget.

  • Do you worry about making expensive mistakes? Our knowledge, expertise and guidance will prevent costly mistakes.
  • Do you have the time to do the work and research? What often happens is a feeling of overwhelm once you realize how much is involved, and If you have a full-time career, or you are busy full-time raising a family, it is difficult to manage what can be a time-consuming process. We will save you countless hours of shopping.
  • Do you have vendor resources? Our library consists of numerous domestic and foreign resources, many of which are not available to the general public.
  • Do you know how to manage the project and communicate your design ideas to a team of professionals to help you achieve the end result you want? Whether working with architects, contractors or skilled trades people we supervise your project from inception to completion, smoothly and on time.

Ultimately it is costly to make expensive mistakes. We develop the design and coordinate the team and resources to get your projects done quickly, efficiently, and within your budget. We prevent costly mistakes because of our expertise and knowledge of pitfalls to avoid.

A professional interior designer is qualified by their academic education, certification, experience and own artistic abilities to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces. In general, the goals of such activity include improving quality of life, increasing productivity in the workplace, and protecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.

Qualifications to address these goals or tasks are granted only from an accredited four-year school of higher learning and include a wide range of technical skills aimed at providing a full range of Interior Design services. Ron Nathan is a 35 year member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), a NJ Certified Interior Designer (NJCID), and a licensed NJ Home Improvement Contractor.

By contrast, persons holding titles such as “home decorator”, lack the professional knowledge, expertise and accreditation necessary to address design tasks. One is limited in the services they can offer using their “natural talent” only.

We hear this concern often. All of us have personal tastes, but we do not impose these on our clients. It is our job to engage you, to listen to your wants and needs, and to assist you in creating a space that is totally reflective of your personality and your lifestyle. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the design of a home. It needs to be personalized to fit your specific needs and those of your family at the specific age or phase of life you are in while also accommodating your unique set of interests, habits and hobbies.

It’s about you. It’s your home, your lifestyle and your personality that you want to express….not ours. We’re here to help you put your personal style into everything that surrounds you.

It is an opportunity to talk about how a Ron Nathan Interiors project is run and to see if we are a good fit. We gain enough information so that we can present a formal proposal for design services to be performed in your behalf. You should consider the following:

  • Think about colors, styles and effects you like.
  • Know what you want to accomplish and how the room or space will complement your lifestyle.
  • Is your preference formal or casual, traditional or contemporary?
  • Establish a time frame in which you would like to work.
  • Have a budget in mind and be honest about it with your designer. Having a ball park figure is a good start.
  • Collect clippings from magazines and photos of items and decors that appeal to you.
  • Blueprints or plans or are very helpful.
Tell us! There won’t be any hurt feelings! By the time we start our project, we hope to have established trust and a relationship to where you feel comfortable enough to express any doubts about your project. We also have many ways of presenting our design ideas to clients…..including sketches, design boards and 3D renderings of your new space. We aim to create interiors you love to live in and spaces that reflect your distinctive taste, not ours! We take pride in our ability to create solutions that are tailored to your liking and budget.

Our process is all about making your home work for you, to fit your needs……to tell your story.

Most interior design projects involve work by trades people. For larger projects involving renovations, we team with architects, builders and contractors to develop the best plan for your space. We work in harmony with the other professionals, artisans, and trades to make sure the design plan is executed correctly and all workmanship meets the highest professional standards.

Ron Nathan Interiors is registered as a Home Improvement Contractor (#13VH05481400) in the State of N.J. which enables us to manage subcontractors and trades directly. You never have to worry about leaving instructions or scheduling. We can remodel, update a fireplace mantel, or replace flooring. Projects can be as simple as installing a backsplash. It is all up to you and your project needs.

Most people will need to develop a long term plan for furnishing their home. One of the benefits of working with Ron Nathan Interiors is that we can help you formulate a plan so that when complete you have a cohesive result. Too often homeowners stray or waver as time goes by and end up with a more “eclectic” look that they intended. What seemed appropriate at the time may not necessarily have been the correct long term decision. We will help you prioritize and allocate resources so that your investment in your home’s interior is maximized.
Architects and Interior Designers work very differently. Most Architects work with structure and building design and prefer not to work with details of interiors, such as kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, color schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments. Designers can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, as your budget allows. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces.
In this age of reality television and the popularity of design related shows, there are more misconceptions than ever about interior design, remodeling and home improvement. While these shows have increased the interest in creating an interior environment that makes you feel great, they generally have built up an unrealistic view of what is actually involved in the process…..especially cost and time frame!

This can be tricky because it is sometimes difficult for you to know how much things really cost. We work in Design every day and we have a feel for what things cost and can share this in our “discovery process”. As with all purchases, prices vary widely for different levels of quality and embellishment. It is important to think about what you are willing to invest so that effort is not expended designing a project that is too costly. We can create high quality work with almost any budget.

Working with a designer should be collaborative. It doesn’t mean you have to give up control, nor does it mean you have to do everything the designer suggests. Most designers love working with their client to achieve the client’s vision. However the more open you are to our ideas, the more freedom you are willing and comfortable to give us, the more exciting the results can be.

Our own signature look can best be described as “modern traditional” with a curated appeal and a clean and classic foundation. We start by carefully evaluating your existing belongings and updating and adding as needed to create a fresh, warm, inviting look with classic bones. This gives the space an eclectic aesthetic that appears to have been carefully collected and designed over time. We love to add some unusual and unexpected elements, such as splashes of bold color and mixing finishes and styles. If desired we will minimize the emphasis on classic or traditional to create a look that is vibrant, edgy, and eclectic. Perfect for a younger generation or the young at heart!

If you are thinking of remodeling your home or building a new one you should call us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Ron Nathan Interiors can bring knowledge and experience to the decisions made regarding electrical, plumbing, fabric, furnishings, etc.. In most cases, we actually help avoid unnecessary expenditure by making sure that needs are met and no errors are made along the way. We can help you save time and money with our knowledge.
“You carefully maneuvered between our different tastes and opinions, and never allowed our project to stall. You gave us the confidence to make the decisions and selections that would have taken us years to do without your help. You truly understood that our home had to be practical as well as beautiful”- Ed and Carol Starr

Our goal is to have both of you achieve 90% of what you want individually. We help you decide who “wins” on a few decisions so we keep your project on track.

Yes, we have many different types of subcontractors, craftsmen, and artisans that we work with on a regular basis and can highly recommend. Additionally our on premises workroom fills many needs that we do not have to farm out to other vendors. We are happy to work with your builder, general contractor or any other contractor you would like to work with.
We are the only firm in Northern New Jersey that offers old fashioned customer service supported by the latest technology. We are passionate about design and dedicated to staying abreast of the most recent industry-specific research and design trends. Our approach to every project is intensely personal, while uniquely collaborative. Our benefits include:

  • 40+ year track record of knowledgeable, creative, and personable service.
  • The only Northern New Jersey interior design firm with an on-premises workroom. We are able to maintain the high quality craftsmanship that has become synonymous with our name.
  • We offer selections from hundreds of manufacturers. Unlike most designers in our area Ron Nathan Interiors is considered a “dealer” for the lines we carry. You never pay full price or retail pricing on anything we purchase on your behalf. We buy manufacturer direct and can pass along thousands of dollars in savings to our clients. We do not purchase from showrooms….we purchase from the same sources as the showrooms.
  • We demystify the design experience. There is no mystery or secrecy…..just total transparency. We are equally focused on the desired outcome as we are on making the process effortless and stress-free. We do the legwork, shopping, and managing the trades people. We recognize and respect your time.
  • We continuously search for unique resources to give you that one-of-a-kind look. We have access to exclusive sources that aren’t available to the public.
  • We make sure your vision is executed, building upon your ideas for results that exceed your expectations.
  • We oversee all construction and purchasing activities with the goal of preventing potentially costly and frustrating mistakes. We allocate your investment wisely, eliminate mistakes, and apply creative thinking to your project, while focusing on quality.
  • We welcome and encourage your input as “co-authors” to create your own unique look.
  • We can incorporate the pieces you have into the design of your space. Merging the old, such as vintage pieces and family treasures with the new ensures that your space tells a story.
  • The more effortless and stress-free the whole process appears to you, the harder we will be working by applying our knowledge, project management, and problem solving skills. We will be busy organizing and expertly translating your needs in an imaginative and artistic way.
  • We have fun too! You will find us focused and contentious, but never stuffy. Fun and outgoing, but never relaxed about details and service. We love what we do and it makes all the difference!

As one of our clients recently told us, her new space is “a gift that rewards her every day”. The value to her is priceless and that’s what we strive for with each client.